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Binary Stack


Binary Stack is free to play, simple yet incredibly addictive number puzzle game about connecting colorful dots.

Rules of this puzzle game are very simple, each dot has a color and a number presented as a binary or decimal notation. You can stack up the dots of the same color to connect them vertically or link adjacent dots horizontally. When two dots of the same color have merged another dot with the higher number will be produced, for example if you connect two 'ones', then you will get 'two'.

Enjoy beautiful pastel design with calm and relaxing music. Challenge your friends, beat their scores, earn various achievements.

Key features

- The game is automatically saved, you can quit and continue whenever you want.

- Three difficulty levels, you can start the game from 2, 4 and 6 rows of dots.

- Beautiful and minimalistic flat design.

- Leaderboards & achievements.

- Frequent game improvements.

- No special permissions required.

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